Website Price Availability

In the event of erroneous pricing or availability on our website reserves the right to correct inaccuracies at any time, with or without notice, and update any related invoices. On open orders; we will take the time to discuss any costing changes with you and allow you the opportunity to cancel your order should you not wish to continue with the purchase.

RMAP Price

Many manufacturers enforce a Retail Minimum Advertised Pricing policy (RMAP, MAP, UMAP). It is defined as the minimum price we are contractually permitted to offer the part to the buying public. Violation of these policies would result in facing fines and losing official dealer status. As result our customers would no longer be protected by the manufacturer's warranty on these products.

Currency Exchange

All prices on are based on the US Dollar. We update pricing daily, therefore you may notice pricing changes from one day to the next.

Price Matching

We want you as a customer at If you find the identical part for a lower price online please give us a call. Some exceptions are listed below.

  • The selling price is below RMAP.
  • The selling company is a Wholesale Distributor.
  • The selling price does not include shipping costs when compared to our free shipping.
  • The selling website does not respect the law in applying sales taxes for out of province sales.
  • The selling website is US based.
  • The part in question is sold on a marketplace. (Amazon or other similar)