Warranty/Liability Policy

DSPerformance.com does not offer warranties on any of the products we sell. Every product is protected by a standard manufacturer's warranty instead, unless otherwise noted. You will need to contact the manufacturer for warranty concerns or claims. Should there be a challenge making contact, DSPerformance.com would gladly assist if we can. Please contact us at support@dsperformance.com

DSPerformance.com is not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the use of or the installation of parts purchased from our website. Some products that are available on DSPerformance.com are not approved for street/highway use thus can only be used at the track or off-road. Any decision to modify the structural elements or body work of a vehicle for any reason either instructed by manufacturer’s installation guides or other guides are taken solely by the installer and by purchasing the part on DSPerformance.com you agree to this and indemnify DSPerformance.com of all wrong doing. DSperformance.com will not ever be responsible for the customer's actions.